I know you’re exhausted, but you’re not alone.

I work with exhausted, sleep-deprived parents and help their child sleep more peacefully throughout the night so everyone in the house can sleep better too.

I use a parent-present, customized approach because every family’s needs and every child’s journey to dreamy sleep is different. The process is easy and gentle for both parents and child and works with newborns up to 8-year-old children.


Boosts your
Immune System

Regulate Emotions

Brain Function 

Fortify A Healthier 
Parent-Child Bond

Our son went from waking up multiple times in the middle of the night to falling asleep easily and sleeping 11 and 12 hours every night! I was hesitant to do sleep training because our son’s sleep was decent when he was younger. What I didn’t realize at the time is just how much better it could be! When we worked with Jessica, she seemed very knowledgeable, patient, and understanding. She was there for us through the entire process. The biggest value was being able to ask Jessica specific questions at each phase of the sleep training journey. She helped us with our son’s schedule and daycare naps as well. We are so glad we worked with Jessica and the only regret is that we didn’t do it sooner.

Lindsey L.

How it all began…

It all began almost 11 years ago when my daughter was born. Like most new parents, my life changed forever. I was in love! But, breastfeeding for me was torture. My anxiety was in a constant heightened state, and I was beyond EXHAUSTED.

I needed help, so we hired a sleep consultant, and it changed everything. Our daughter became a great, predictable sleeper who was flourishing and happy. As a result, I started sleeping, my anxiety improved, and my husband got his wife back.

You are not the only parent who has fallen asleep on your keyboard while googling ways to help your child sleep.

My family’s experience with our sleep consultant was so life-changing. I wanted to do for other families what our sleep consultant had done for us, so in 2016 I trained as a sleep consultant. With my behavioral sleep training, my degree in elementary education, and my ongoing sleep research, I have been able to help nearly 600 families one-on-one. And now, I’m here to help your family.


Sleep Consultations

Custom Sleep Plan
For Your Child

Sibling & Group Package Options 

Continued Support Options

My Dreamy Sleeper changed our lives! Jessica is a godsend, I felt like I’d never sleep again and truly felt hopeless at times; exhaustion was steeling my joy. Within 3 nights of sleep training with Jessica, my 13 week old son was sleeping 11-12hours a night! Her methods WORK and I felt safe and supported with her approach to help us fit his sleep patterns into our schedules. I was worried sleep training meant the end of flexibility and snuggles; what I learned is that it’s the beginning of freedom and health for our baby and us as a couple! Jessica is calming, understanding and so insightful when it comes to tailoring sleep training for each family. I truly looked forward to every phone call and interaction with her; she boosted my confidence as a new mom and celebrated our victories with us. My son is happier and healthier because of his positive sleep routine. This was the best gift we received as new parents, and it will be the best purchase you have EVER made!

Elizabeth F.

My Dreamy Sleeper Packages

I have options for local in-home, virtual, and past clients. 



Private 1.5 hr Virtual Consultation

Custom Sleep Plan and Support Materials

4 x 30 minute calls

1 week of unlimited email support

What If Guide

$ 495


Private 2 hr Virtual Consultation

Custom Sleep Plan and Support Materials

What If Guide

8 x 30 minute calls

$ 595
School age


Private 2.5 hr Virtual Consultation

Custom Sleep Plan and Support Matierals

9 x 30 minute calls

What If Guide

$ 695
newborn Building a Healthy Sleep Foundation – Basic


Private 1.5 Hr Virtual Consultation

Newborn Sleep Plan

1 x 30 minute call

3 follow up emails

$ 245

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