Hello, I’m Jessica!

My name is Jessica Byrne, owner of My Dreamy Sleeper. I work with exhausted, sleep-deprived parents and help their child sleep more peacefully throughout the night so everyone in the house can sleep better too.

I use a parent-present, customized approach because every family’s needs and every child’s journey to dreamy sleep is different. I strive to make the process as easy and gentle for both parents and child. My approach works with newborns up to 8-year-old children.

How did I get here? 

It all began almost 11 years ago when my daughter was born. Like most new parents, my life changed forever. I was in love! But, breastfeeding for me was torture. My anxiety was in a constant heightened state, and I was beyond  EXHAUSTED.

My life consisted of bouncing, rocking, shh-ing, patting, rubbing, darkened rooms, and prayers that my precious daughter would just for the love of god, fall asleep! And stay asleep! My husband was incredibly busy with work, and then he dropped the bomb – he had to leave for work for 3 weeks. 3 very long weeks!

 I needed help, so we hired a sleep consultant, and it changed everything. Our daughter became a great, predictable sleeper who was flourishing and happy. As a result, I started sleeping, my anxiety improved, and my husband got his wife back.

This experience was so life-changing that I wanted to do for families what our sleep consultant had done for us, so in 2016 I trained as a sleep consultant. With my behavioral sleep training, coupled with my degree in elementary education, and my own ongoing sleep research, I have been able to help nearly 600 families one-on-one.

Is your child’s sleep inconsistent?

Is your child taking short, inconsistent, and/or nonexistent naps?

Are you going through yet another sleep regression?

Do you go through phases of poor sleep and then good sleep and back again?

Have you had to sleep train multiple times and things still aren’t great?

Do you feel like sleep is “fine” because your child only wakes once or twice?

Do you have to rock, hold, feed, bounce your child to sleep?

Do you lay with your toddler or school-aged child every night?

Does your child get up and come to your bed every night?

Do you want to avoid the “4 Month Sleep Regression”?

Are you frustrated and overwhelmed about all of the sleep advice out there on the internet?

Did you answer “yes” to one or more of these questions?

Do you want a real CHANGE for your family?

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